Located in the Algarve, South of Portugal, Vilamoura was founded early in the 1980s as an elite golfing centre, and is now one of the biggest and best tourism complexes in Europe.

Standing in approximately 2.023 hectares of green spaces and high-standard residential areas, and bordering the Atlantic Ocean, Vilamoura is a European paradise chosen by celebrities and influential people from all over the world for their holidays and as their permanent home.

It is a place of pure relaxation. Away from the frenetic urban rhythm, visitors to Vilamoura feel revitalised by the hospitality, lifestyle and comfort of this truly special resort.

Vilamoura allows total enjoyment of what a prestigious European tourist destination offers. Play on the five golf courses, and in the Tennis Academy, enjoy nautical activities at the award-winning Marina, one of the best in Europe

Nautical Activities
The heart of Vilamoura contains the exclusive Marina complex, which received the United Kingdom "International Marina of the Year 2019/2020" award from Yacht Harbour Association Ltd at the Southampton Boat Show. Anyone strolling through the Marina is sure to notice the imposing yachts worth millions of euros that are moored there, a scene that always looks attractive.
Golf Courses
The Algarve was chosen by the International Association of Gold Tourism Operators (IAGTO) as the “best golfing destination in the world, 2020”. Vilamoura has five prestigious golf courses, including the Dom Pedro Victoria Golf Course, which hosts the Portugal Masters on the European Tour and has staged the GolfWorld Cup
The vibrant night life of Vilamoura captures the heart of all its visitors. With numerous prestigious restaurants, a Casino and a number of nightclubs, Vilamoura offers every type of entertainment.
Equestrian Centre
The Vilamoura riding centre hosts worldclass events, such as the Vilamoura Champions Tour, where some of the best riders in the world compete. Its facilities also allow riders to practice and train at the highest level.
Tennis Academy
With various courts appropriately prepared for all weather conditions, Vilamoura is the ideal place to play tennis and paddle tennis. The academy is recognised at national and international levels and promotes tennis training for people of all ages.